Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your Actual Mileage May Vary

In the glove box of my SUV, I came across the original window sticker from the dealer. It said that I should be getting about 18 miles per gallon. I don't know what form of math was used to calculate this average, however I don't think I've ever come close to this goal. Even driving downhill in neutral with a strong gust of wind at my back, it would be a stretch.

With all the recent emphasis on "going green", I have to admit I've considered buying a new car on at least one occasion. Personally, I like SUV's because of their size; with several new hybrids becoming available, the number of options I have to choose from are improving.

There is a fundamental disagreement however between "going green" and buying new car, regardless of how eco-friendly this new vehicle may be. Think about the resources needed to build a new car, and the disposal issues created by your existing vehicle. The trade-off may not be as "green" as you intended.

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